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      018883-000 | FOSC-ACC-B-DOME-CONV-HAG
      FOSC? Conversion kit for FOSC 100B to 400B fiber closures
      019847-000 | FOSC-ACC-A-TRAY-16-KIT
      FOSC? Fiber Optic Splice Tray Kit for 16 fibers
      024463-000 | FOSC-B-TRAY-12-1
      FOSC? 400/450 Fiber Optic splice tray kit with 12 splice protectors
      028323-000 | FOSC400-ACC-A4-BASKET
      FOSC? 400 A4 Fiber Optic slack storage basket kit
      032054-000 | FOSC-A-TRAY-S24-1
      FOSC? 400/450 Fiber Optic splice tray kit with 24 SMOUV splice protectors
      032617-000 | FOSC-ACC-FUNNEL-RIBBON
      FOSC? Funnel tubing kit for routing ribbon fibers from central coretube to the splice trays
      035297-000 | FOSC-ACC-D-BASKET-B
      FOSC? 400 D5 Fiber Optic slack storage basket kit
      043526-000 | FOSC-450-MULTI4/7
      FOSC? 450 Multiple Cable Attachment Device and Seal for Fiber Optic Splice closures
      049024-000 | FOSC-A-TRAY-S16-1
      FOSC? 400/450 Fiber Optic splice tray kit with 16 SMOUV splice protectors
      056395-000 | FOSC-ACC-D-BASKET-TALL
      FOSC? Slack Storage Basket Accessory for Fiber Splice Closures
      061064-000 | FOSC-ACC-D-TRAY-RIBN-24
      FOSC? Ribbon Tray Fiber Kit, D closure, 288 mass fusion capacity, 4 singlemode splice modules
      066193-000 | FOSC-ACC-DOT-SLEEVES
      FOSC? Sleeve kit for FOSC 400 fiber closures
      067758-000 | FIST-GCO2-OSK-LTR
      FIST Oval port seal kit for loose tube ribbon cable
      067962-000 | FIST-GCO2-RSK-CC
      FIST Round port heat shrink seal kit for central core cable (both single fiber and ribbon)
      068759-000 | FOSC-ACC-D-DOME-CONV-HAG
      FOSC? Conversion kit for FOSC 200D to 400D fiber closures
      072073-000 | FOSC-100B/MK
      FOSC? 100 Fiber Splice Closure Heat shrink Sealing Kit
      086287-000 | TRACE-C-BOLT-KIT-MR449
      TRAC Extension kit for an additional sheat opening length of 14 in
      089279-000 | FOSC-ACC-D-BASKET
      FOSC? Slack Storage Basket for Fiber Splice Closure
      091476-000 | FIST-GCO2-OSK-LTS
      FIST Oval port seal kit for single fiber loose tube cable
      100380-000 | FOSC600-GELSEAL-3-G
      FOSC? 600 C Fiber Optic 3-port cable seal kit
      101324-000 | FOSC-ACC-600-HOOK/CLAMP
      FOSC? Clamp hardware kit for attaching on fiber cables for FOSC 600 closures
      106123-000 | TRAC-A-EP-KIT-MR449
      TRAC End Piece for main cable range between 25 and 300 pairs
      109338-000 | FOSC-ACC-400-2DROP
      FOSC? Dual drop kit for FOSC 400 fiber closures
      1154999-9 | FOSC-ACC-D-TRAY-P12-SCA-1
      FOSC? Splice tray kit, D-size, with 12 SMOUV splice protectors and 12 SC/APC adapters for FOSC 400/D5 fiber splice closure
      118317-000 | FOSC-ACC-TTUBE-LRGE-16IN
      FOSC? Transportation Tubing, large, 16 in
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