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      Product NewsFLASH

      August 2019 | Product and solution news from CommScope



      HomeConnect? MoCA Splitters

      Region: Global
      Our Home Connect MoCA splitters are optimal for video sharing, multi-room DVR service video conferencing and interconnecting throughout the home and business. For all specifications and details please visit our website.

      Product References:
      Home Connect? MoCA Splitters



      3G/4G Multiband antenna for 4x MIMO capacity upgrades or site sharing

      Region: Global
      CommScope's next generation multiband antenna, RZV4-65D-R5, enables seamless upgrades to 4x MIMO configurations. This antenna allows operators to independently run 4x MIMO systems for two different frequency bands or support a 4x MIMO configuration on one band while sharing the antenna’s other band.

      The internal RET system on this antenna optimizes antenna sharing capability by supporting two separate RET compatible OEM radios with flexibility to reconfigure certain bands per radio.

      Product References:

      Additional References:
      4X MIMO-Ready Base Station Antennas Flyer

      10-Port high band base station antenna for LTE

      Region: CALA
      The small 10-port high band LTE antenna, HHTTV-65A-R3, delivers excellent gain in only 52 inches of length, resulting in a frontal area of only 1030 sq. inches. This is an ideal choice for reducing antenna counts on a site. The antenna also minimizes space, weight and wind load, which avoids costly tower reinforcement requirements. Additionally, the RET count is optimized to ensure the same tilt is achieved in 4x MIMO scenarios. This antenna is especially designed to reduce cell overlap, minimize noise in the network and ensure high data throughput rates with consistent pattern performance in all tilts and all ports.

      Product References:

      LSF2 Small Cell Cable Assemblies – Now available with NEX10 Connectors

      Region: Global
      CommScope’s HELIAX? LSF2 Low Loss Cable Assemblies are now available with NEX10 connectors to further optimize outdoor small cell deployments. The LSF2 is the ONLY NEX10 jumper offered in the market today with 3/8” cable designed for super low-loss performance in a super flexible and compact footprint. These new small cell cable assemblies also provide superior Return Loss performance up to 6 GHz and extremely low PIM (-162 dBc / -119 dBm) to meet or exceed your link budget needs and ensure easy routing in tight spaces.

      Product References:
      LS2-XMHM-D Jumper with 4.3-10 Male/NEX10 Male interfaces

      Additional References:
      Outdoor Small Cell Connectivity Solutions page



      HomeConnect? 1.2 GHz CATV Splitter for DOCSIS 3.1 applications

      Region: Global
      As more and more CATV providers adopt DOCSIS 3.1 technologies, they will need CATV splitters to support a 5 MHz to 1218 MHz frequency range. CommScope coaxial splitters are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the active components in the network function efficiently and effectively. For all details and specifications please visit our website.

      Product References:
      CS2G - HomeConnect Two-way Splitter
      CS3G - HomeConnect Three-way Splitter
      CS4G - HomeConnect Four-way Splitter

      HomeConnect? Passive VoIP Amplifier

      Region: Global
      The new 1.2 GHz passive VoIP amplifier for use at a subscriber location increases the RF signal levels to all devices. With its unity gain design and integrated splitter, the amplifier eliminates the RF loss that would be incurred with an external splitter. In addition, a dedicated Voice Over IP (VoIP) port provides a dedicated connection for a VoIP device that maintains signal integrity even when the amplifier loses power.

      Product References:
      CSZAPDU9VP - Passive VoIP Amplifier with 9 Ports


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