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      Coaxial Amplifiers and Components

      Boost the signal — not the noise or distortion?

      When you need to distribute a clear signal to multiple locations within a single structure, CommScope's subscriber amplifiers and components deliver excellent performance and reliability with ultra-low noise signal amplification.

      Manufactured with an aluminum housing to dissipate heat more effectively, our innovative amps feature flat-end brass "F" ports and our four-sided center conductor contact design to ensure the cleanest connection and the strongest possible signal.

      • Meet or exceed all SCTE requirements
      • Excellent performance and reliability with ultra-low noise signal amplification?
      • Variety of housing options (All Ports Down, etc.)
      • Lifeline passive VoIP designs
      • MoCA compatible designs
      • NTSC and PAL midsplits
      • Innovative positive tilt compensates for higher attenuation at higher frequencies
      • 6 kV surge protection