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      GITEX Technology Week 2019

      GITEX Technology Week 2019

      Dubai, UAE

      Region: Middle East

      October 6-10, 2019

      Hall 7, Booth (H7-D43)

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      GITEX is one of the largest regional IT exhibitions and conferences in the MENA and South Asia region that takes place annually in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

      In its 39th edition, besides defining the latest trends, presenting high caliber speakers & showcasing product innovations from across the world, the event is bringing together the most innovative, exciting & ambitious tech startups to showcase their world-changing ideas to an audience of hand-picked international investors.


      Why the Middle East and Africa is Off to a ‘Smart’ Start




      ARRIS AND RUCKUS HAVE JOINED COMMSCOPE and together we now offer an unprecedented range of connectivity solutions.
      Hall 7, Booth (H7-D43).

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